Steve stares at her, arms crossed over his chest, not knowing what to say. He can’t believe things have gone this far. He let things go and now, here they were, on opposite sides of the room not sure what the future holds. He tries to figure out where and when things went wrong, but can’t put his finger on the exact moment. What had happened wasn’t her fault


 Time Is Not On Your Side


Chapter One:  Love Is Gone

I can see

You’re slipping away from me

And you’re so afraid

That I’ll plead with you to stay

But I’m gonna be strong

I’ll let you go your way.

Love is gone

There’s no sense in holding on

And your pity now

Would be more than I could bare

So I’m gonna be strong

I’ll pretend I don’t care

                                                                   -Cyndi Lauper

Steve stares at her, arms crossed over his chest, not knowing what to say.  He can’t believe things have gone this far.  He let things go and now, here they were, on opposite sides of the room not sure what the future holds.  He tries to figure out where and when things went wrong, but can’t put his finger on the exact moment.  What had happened wasn’t her fault; it was no one’s fault but for that psychotic bastard.  What he did, though, changed everything.  It shouldn’t have, yet nothing has been the same between them since it happened.  He knows he shouldn’t feel this way; that he should be here for her, whatever she needs.  And he has been.  Whenever she called; whatever she needed; anytime of the day or night he was there.  Maybe that was the problem.  He’d enabled her.  He’s good at that.   Danny’s always telling him so; he overcompensates for the guilt he always feels.  She’s sitting on the arm of the couch, hands in her lap, fingers interlaced.  Staring into her eyes, he notices they’re empty.  Nothing; no emotion right now.  He realizes that scares him more than, if she was giving him a death stare and screaming at him.  He feels an ache in his chest that he’s not felt often.  His heart is breaking and he knows he’s not going to be able to handle it this time.  He’s loved her from the beginning; the first time he met her he knew he had to have her and not just in the physical sense.

Bullets were flying all around them.  Steve and Danny were trapped in the alcove leading into the kitchen, whereas Liz was in front of the couch.  He knew if he didn’t do something soon, she was going to be in trouble.  Looking over at her, the look on her face confuses him.  He expected to see fear or shock but instead he sees determination and a quiet calmness.  Before he can do anything, she’s moving across the room and pushing the chair away from the wall.  Steve turns as he hears glass breaking and sees the gas canisters landing on the ground.  They had no defense for those and if they don’t all move, they were dead.  A plastic mask lands at his feet, as does one at Danny’s.  “Put them on!”  He hears her yell.  Looking up at her, he sees she already has one on her face.  She motions for the both of them to put the masks on before the gas envelopes them.  He grabs the mask and places it on his face, the elastic band over his head.  He’d read about these.  They were supposedly only in the experimental stage.  They were said to be lighter weight, work better than the old type and they had the latest in computer technology built in.  He realized that as soon as he slipped it on.  It conformed to his face to create an airtight seal and the eye-screen adjusted so he could see through the gas.  He looks at her, complete surprise on this face and sees her pull out extra clips and a gun for herself.  Turning, she slides the extras over to him and Danny, nodding to them.  Steve smiles at her, not sure what else to do.  Suddenly she raises her weapon, directly over Danny’s head and fires.  Steve turns, weapon raised in time to see the gunman fall to the floor, bullet hole centered in his forehead.  Focusing back on the firefight, he motions for Danny to watch their backs, as he concentrates on the rest of the room.  He watches as Liz moves back across the room, using the couch as cover and looks out the front bay window.  She signals there are four that she can see outside.  As she tries to get a better look to the left side of the house, Steve hears a shot ring out and sees her go down.  He tries to get over to her, but gunfire keeps him trapped where he is.  She signals him she’s okay and he can see the bullet went through her right bicep.  Knowing they don’t have long, he looks around, formulating a plan.  By now, they figure the gas has done its job and the three of them are down.  Motioning to Danny to take the kitchen, he signals to Liz to watch the front and that he has eyes on the hall to the bedroom.  In what seems like hours, but only moments, the gunmen breach the house and the ensuing firefight is vicious, but quick. 

Steve stands, looking around at the damage.  Six hostiles lying on the ground, all dead.  Danny walks in from the kitchen, two more dead on the floor in there.  He looks over at Liz, seeing her still sitting on the floor.  He’s quickly at her side, pulling off his shirt and wrapping it around her arm.  Helping her to stand, he can hear the sirens as HPD makes their way.  He can only assume the neighbors had called as soon as the first shots rang out.  He tries to get his mask off but it’s stuck.  He hears her chuckle and looks over.  She places her fingers just under his chin and he feels a whoosh of air as the mask loosens and she slips it over his head.  He mimics the motions for hers and nods to Danny, showing him how to get his off.  “Please, put these back in the wall and close it up.”  She asks, adding her gun to the masks, as Steve helps her to the front door.  He tosses the items to Danny, gesturing for him to put them back and close it up.  As they walk out of the house, the first HPD squad cars pull up and the officers get out.  He quickly tells them what happened and orders them to secure the area.  Looking up, he sees an ambulance pulling in and steers her towards it.  “I’m fine.  It’s through and through and doesn’t feel like the bone or any major arteries were hit.”  She tries to pull away.  “You are NOT fine.  You can barely stand without help.  You ARE going to let them look you over and make sure there’s no other damage.  I won’t take no for an answer.”  He maneuvers her to the waiting truck.  After getting her settled with the EMT’s, he walks back over to his partner. 

“What the hell was that?”  Danny asks him as he looks around.  “What did we walk into here?” 

“Not, sure, buddy, but it’s something big and well planned.  They were prepared.”

“Think she knows?”  He nods over at Liz. 

Steve follows his gaze, wondering that himself.  She has to know something.  This is her brother’s house, who was killed here not two days ago.  She says she’s here to broker a diamond sale and that all the diamonds are in a safe deposit box.  So why did these guys attack them here?  After coordinating with HPD and CSU, when they arrived, he now takes the time to check on Liz. 

“So, what the hell was that in there?”  He glares at her with his best Navy SEAL death stare.  She looks up at him from where she’s sitting, an amused look crossing her face.  Staring back at him, her gaze flicks from the EMT to Danny and back to his face.  Shaking her head ever so slightly, he reads her signals perfectly.  To the EMT, “Give us a minute.  I can finish,” and to his partner, “give us some space, Danny.”  Danny starts to say something, but Steve motions for him to keep quiet and walk away.  Huffing, he reluctantly moves away, going to talk to a couple uniforms not far away.  “Okay, we’re alone now, what’s going on?”  He moves to her right side, picking up the gauze the EMT had put down and begins wrapping over the bandage on her arm.  “Where the hell did you get those masks?  They’re only in the experimental stage, or so I thought.  In addition, the extra clips and gun?  What was all that doing in a hole in the wall?  Who the hell are you?”  He asks quietly.  Finishing the bandaging, he leans against the door of the ambulance, arms crossed over his chest.  Looking up at him, she can’t help but notice how brown his eyes look, staring at her intently.  Just a bit ago, they were the most beautiful color of green.  She knows he’s angry and decides to tell him everything. 

“Special Agent Maggie Finneran.  I have been under cover for the last nine months, trying to take down a large smuggling ring operating out of Philadelphia.  I’ve been meeting with the head of a large family here in Oahu to broker the sale of $4mil in diamonds.  These diamonds are to be used to buy guns, drugs and information to help take down another large family, headed out of Tokyo.  No, not the yakuza but another large family.”  Steve is not sure whether to believe her or not.  Her actions definitely are those of a trained specialist but he’s not sure what kind of specialist.  She could be part of the family, trying to talk her way out of this situation.  “I know what you’re thinking.  Once they’re done processing, you can find my ID in the wall along with my badge and gun; it’s my crash kit.  I’d appreciate it if you’d wait to get those, as I really don’t think letting everybody know who I am will benefit anyone.  If you can’t wait, you can call my Director, Bryce Hammond, at 202-567-0111.  That’s his private line and only he knows I’m here and what is my cover story.  He’ll be more than happy to verify everything I’ve told you.  I’ve vetted you to him so he knows who you are.” 

He had checked her out and verified her story was true.  Hammond was more than willing to work with Steve to catch these guys and put them away for good.  But if Maggie’s cover hasn’t been blown, he wanted Steve to help keep her under and finish the job.  Turned out, they were able to identify the dead as members of the Tiako family, out of Japan and they were probably here to try to steal the diamonds.  He agrees to help her and figures he will deal with the fallout later.  Watching how she works and what she did in that house, he decides he likes this woman and that they will get along just fine.   m

He hasn’t been able to tell her, though.  The last time he told a woman that he loved her; she’d packed up and moved to the mainland.  The one before that, he’d told her over the phone while she was halfway around the world and she decided to stay.  It was no wonder he was a bit gun-shy.  Telling her now would seem cheap, as if he was trying to supplicate her.  He just wanted to go over to her, pull her into his arms and kiss away all their troubles, but that would just be delaying the inevitable.

“So, what do you want to do, Steve?”  She asks, quietly, her eyes never leaving his.  She needs to hear him say it.  Not over the phone, not in an email, text or letter.  She needs him to tell her to her face.  She knows he won’t, but she has to push him.  She knows he’s not one to admit to his feelings; to talk about what is going on inside that thick skull of his but she needs him to do it this time.  Ever since it happened, she’s been trying to get him to tell her.  Tell her how it’s affected him; how he feels about what happened, about what that son-of-a-bitch did to her – to both of them.  She’d confessed how she felt just after it happened, in the hospital, before she spoke with Danny and Chin.  However, he never said what he’d been thinking or feeling or experiencing.  Not a word and she felt as if he was pushing her away; blaming her.  She’d needed him, though, and he had been there, somewhat.  But she had not talked about it since; she couldn’t.  It happened and there was nothing that could be done about that.  They’d needed to move on, go forward from there and live their lives.  She didn’t know how to tell him that, though, and she had pulled away and in to herself.  Staring into his eyes, she sees all the pain he’s feeling.  He can’t hide that from her, no matter how hard he tries.  As much as he holds in his feelings and compartmentalizes everything, his eyes show her everything.  He can’t hide from her.  She, however, can hide everything from him.  Her training and experiences have made it easy for her.  Maybe too easy.

“I don’t…” he stumbles over the words, “I can’t do this.”  He manages.  He looks at his feet, not being able to look into those unfeeling eyes anymore.  He is so uncomfortable.  These types of situations are so foreign to him.  He can deal with thugs, terrorists, murderers, psychos and any kind of threat to his life.  He’s trained for that and has no fear.  This situation, though, on such a personal level and feeling things he knows he shouldn’t be feeling, he can’t cope with it.

“I see.  Okay.  I understand.”  She states, still staring at him, his eyes on the floor and his body shifting from one foot to another.  “Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.”

With those words, he looks up at her confusion moving across his face.  ‘What the hell is she talking about?’ he thinks to himself.  ‘What does she think I’m gonna do?’  Anger crosses his face, his eyes blazing.  “What does that mean?”  He almost hisses.

“You can’t do this.  I understand.  Not everyone can deal with this type of situation.  It’s no problem.”  She sees the anger in his eyes; how brown they’ve become.  It confuses and scares her a little, not sure why he feels that way.  What does he have to be angry about?  He obviously is looking for a way out and she’s giving it to him.  He’s never going to say it, she knows now.  He’s just going to walk out that door.  She won’t stop him.

This type of situation?  Seriously?  Is that what you think?  I can’t deal with this?  Who has been there every time you’ve called?  Who’s been there for every nightmare?  Who’s been at your side since it happened?  I think you have it all wrong.  I’m not the one having a hard time dealing with what HE did.”  Steve stops for a breath.  He can still see in his mind what that bastard did to her; what he saw and heard, was made to watch.  His stomach turns every time he thinks about it.  It’s something no woman should ever have to go through and this sick scumbag made sure he had a front row seat.  “You’ve barely talked about it.  Sure, in the beginning, just after it happened.  But nothing since.  Not a word.  You can’t deal with it this way.”  His anger surfaces and he can’t stop himself.

“What?  Ignore it?  Pretend that it never happened?  I don’t have to talk about it every minute of the day!”

“How about at all?” he sneers.  He’s done with this.  Let her ignore it, the fear, the anger, the denial, but he can no longer ignore what happened and that they need to deal with it.  He just isn’t sure how to proceed.  An uncomfortable position for him to be in, for sure.  He needs time.  Time to think, to figure out how to deal with it all and move forward.  He grabs his gun and badge off the small table in front of him, clipping them both on his belt.  He looks at her, noticing she’s now standing next to the couch, hands at her side.  “Look, I need some time.”  He runs his hand over his face and looks back at her.  Finally, an emotion fills her face and he regrets what he just said.  The pain on her face is like a bullet in his gut.  He can’t take them back, though, and he carries through with his thought.  “I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I do and I need time to figure out why.  It’s not right and you shouldn’t have to put up with me while I do this.  I never expected this to affect me this way; I should be here for you and support you in whatever way you need.  And I’ve tried.  I can’t go on like this anymore.”  He walks toward the door, the pain in his chest increasing exponentially with every step and his eyes filling with tears.

She watches as he heads to the door.  ‘There it was!  He actually said it.’  She thinks, surprised.  He’s leaving her over something that wasn’t her fault.  Over a situation she’d had no control over and could not have stopped in any way.  She swallows hard again, willing the tears away.  He is NOT going to see her cry.  He’s made up his mind and she is not going to try to stop him.  He’s a big boy and can make his own decisions, as much as it’s killing her with every step he takes.

“Okay.  I understand.  You go take all the time you need.”  She stops talking before her voice gives her away.

Steve pauses, his hand on the doorknob and looks at her one more time.  The pain was gone from her eyes and they were blank again.  He just needs time to figure this out.  Time.  “I’ll be in touch.  A couple of days, okay?” he asks, hoping she agrees.

“Fine.”  She looks down at her hands.  He opens the door and slowly walks out, closing it gently behind him.  He pauses for a moment, wanting to go back in, ask for her forgiveness and pretend this all didn’t happen.  Nevertheless, he keeps walking down the steps and out to his truck.  He glances back one last time as he gets in.  He starts the vehicle, slowly pulls out of the drive, and heads home.

She moves around the couch, leaning against the wall and watches as he walks out to the truck.  Waiting until he disappears from view, she slides down the wall, pulling her knees up to her chest as the sobs shake her entire body.


Every day I spent away

My soul’s inside out

Gotta be someway

That I can make it up to you now, some how

Steve pulls up to her house, knowing what he must do.  He must tell her how he feels.  All of it.  The anger, the fear, the frustration, the concern, but mostly the love.  He spent the last two days digging deep; delving further into his thoughts and feelings than he ever has before.  He even opened up to Danny, telling him all that was going through his head and heart.  Danny had just listened, offering his support and any advice he could.  He was the one who finally convinced Steve what he needed to do.  Whatever the outcome, Danny would be there for him.

He knocks and then reaches for the doorknob.  The door opens easily, swinging back and revealing a confusing sight.  Steve looks around at all the sheets covering the furniture and all the personal items missing.  All the photos were gone off the walls and shelves save one.  He walks over and picks it up.  It was of the two of them on their “first date”.  He had his arm around her, the one in the cast at the time, and they were looking into each other’s eyes, smiling.  She was in that spectacular purple, body-hugging dress that showed off every curve.  He loved her in that dress.  It was the only picture they had of the two of them together as a couple.  He had a copy of it in the study.  His breath catches as he realizes she left it behind.  He looks around for any sign of her.  He sees her SIG and badge on the small table next to the chair.  Moving to the kitchen, he sees all the cupboards open and empty.  Going to her bedroom, he finds the closets empty and all the furniture empty and covered.  He finally goes to the garage, finding the car there, but covered as if waiting to be picked up for transport.  He sits down on an empty crate letting the picture slip out of his fingers and fall to the ground.  Putting his head in his hands, he shakes his head as unbidden tears begin to fall.

“Where are you, Finn?  What have I done?”  He whispers to the vacant room.

Chapter Two:  I’d come for you

I’d fight for you

I’d lie, it’s true

Give my life for you

You know I’d always come for you

She can hear voices but can’t make out what they’re saying.  They sound so far away that they can’t be talking to her.  She tries to tune them back out and sink back into the calmness she’d felt before but they are insistent.  She tries to move but finds it impossible.  Trying to open her eyes, that is impossible, too, and she gives up.  Again, the voices were insistent and getting louder.  Steve?  Was he calling out to her?  She doesn’t think so, though, since the voice is calling to Maggie.  Steve rarely calls her that anymore, using his pet name.  That thought made her smile…at least she thought she was smiling.  She couldn’t tell.  Wait, now that’s Steve’s voice.  She can hear him calling her.

“Finn, come on, baby, open your eyes.”  He’s saying, almost pleading.

“Come on, Maggie, open those beautiful green eyes of yours.  Let’s see them.”  Danny calls out.

“Really, Danny?  You flirting with my girlfriend?  Not at all appropriate, buddy.”

“Oh, stuff it, Steven; I’m just trying to get her to open her eyes.  We need to know what she does.  This bastard said this was all about her so we need as much info as we can, as quickly as we can.”

“Oh, ever the cop, Danno.  How about we make sure she’s all right before the interrogation begins?  Think you can manage that? ” Steve snarks back.

“Hey, don’t ever tell me I don’t care.  I care how she is, you know that, however, we are a bit short on time and only she has the answers, you schmuck.  If you would’ve listened to me in the first place, we wouldn’t be here and your girlfriend wouldn’t have a lump on the side of her head the size of a grapefruit!”

“Don’t do that.  Don’t turn this around on me.  Nothing would’ve prevented this.  This was a well planned abduction.  Down to the last detail.  Listening to you would not have…”  Steve doesn’t get a chance to finish his thought.

“Uh, kids,” Chin interrupts.  “I think you better take a look.”  He nods toward her.

Steve looks to her.  Her head is wobbling on her neck as she tries to keep it upright.  The most important thing, though, is her open eyes.  Unfocused, but open.  “Finn, can you hear me?”

“How can I not?  You have to yell so loud?”  She whispers.

“Then look at me.  Come on, look over here.”  Steve urges her.  He’s leaning forward as far as his bindings will allow, regardless of the pressure on his throat.

Slowly raising her head again, she turns towards his voice.  A wave of dizziness and nausea hits her and she begins to dry heave.  After a few minutes, she tries again and experiences the same effects, this time her entire body shudders.  Exhausted, she lets her head loll forward, unable to hold it up.  The pain in her head is the worst she’s ever felt and she dry heaves again just at that thought.  She tries to open her eyes again, not moving her head.  She squints her eyes closed at the pain of the light and another wave of dizziness hits her.  She’s unable to focus on anything but the pain in her head and the odd position of her body and limbs.

“Finn, please, look at me.”  Steve calmly requests.  “I know you can do this.  Push the pain back, lift your head and look at me.”  He almost commands.

“You think this is the best time to be playing soldier, Steve?”  Danny looks at him, disbelief in his eyes.  “Commanding something like that isn’t exactly showing how much you care.  What happened to that, huh?”

“Danny, I need to see her eyes.  I need to assess how bad she’s hurt.  If she has a severe concussion, which I suspect she does, it’ll show in her eyes.  And it’s sailor.”  He states, looking back at her.  “Finn, open your eyes and look at me.”  His voice is sharp and powerful.

Before she can respond, the door opens and an imposing figure walks in.  “I see you’re all awake now.  Perfect timing.”  HE walks over to the four, standing center.  “I know you’re awake, my dear Maggie.  Come on, look up for me.”  HE chucks her under the chin, causing her to dry heave again.  “Oh, did I hit you a little harder than I thought?  My, oh my…”  HE grabs her under her chin and forces her head up.  “Open those eyes, my dear.  I know you can.  Remember, I know how much you can take.  Don’t try and pull the wool over my eyes.  LOOK AT ME!”  HE shakes her head, holding it hard in his hand as the heaves start again, shaking her entire body.

“Leave her alone, you son-of-a-bitch!”  Steve yells at him.

HE stands up, looking at Steve.  “Well, the boyfriend speaks up.  Or is it the boss?  How do you keep it separate?  Must be hard with someone who looks like her.  I can’t blame you for hooking up with her.  I enjoyed it.”  HE grins at Steve and then turns his attention back to her.  “Look at me, Maggie, if you want to be sure these three men are safe.”

At the mention of harming the other three, she lifts her head with great effort.  Forcing open her eyes, she looks at the blur in front of her.  Finding it hard to focus, she just concentrates on keeping her head up and eyes open.

“That’s my girl.  I knew you could do it.  Glad to see you back with us.”  HE smiles at her.  “You’re not going to ruin this by being unconscious the whole time.  That just won’t work.”  HE chucks her under her chin again, causing another wave of nausea and heaving.

“Stop it, you bastard.  She needs medical attention.  You don’t want her unconscious but it would be worse if she were dead.”

HE looks over to Steve, impressed.  HE knew that this man would be the hardest to abduct.  HE has mad reverence for this man, though.  HE’d looked him up, developing more and more respect for him as HE read about his time with the task force.  The talent and raw power this man has is the reason this operation had taken so long to set up.  HE is not going to underestimate the SEAL, as so many of his predecessors had.  Glancing over the ropes to be sure they were secure, HE turns his gaze back to her.  “She’s not going to die.  I know what she can take and this is nothing.  She’ll be fine.  At least for now.”  HE smiles again, thinking about his plan.  Right now, all HE needs is information.  As much as HE can gather about this task force and what it can do.  HE needs to be sure it isn’t going to interfere with his plans.

“What do you mean?  For now?  What the hell do you want?”

“Oh you’ll find out soon enough.  Don’t worry.  You are each going to get a turn alone with me.  I have special plans for each and every one of you.  Especially, you, my dear Maggie.”  HE leans over her, kissing her on the lips.

She tries to pull away from that touch, but her head wouldn’t accept the commands from her brain and HE was able to plant the kiss.  “I told you once before that if you ever did that again, I would kill you.”  She hisses at him.

“Well, you can try, precious.  I don’t think you are in a great position to make that happen right now.”  HE nods over toward Chin.  “He’s first.  Bring him.”  HE turns to walk out of the room.

“No!”  Steve yells.  “Leave him alone.  Take me.”

HE looks back at the SEAL, shaking his head.  “Don’t worry, Commander, as I said, you will each get a turn.”  HE turns back and walks out the door.  His two associates grab Chin, untie him from the chair, leaving his hands tied behind his back with the rope leading from them up and around his neck and back down.  Dragging him out, Chin has last words for the three left.  “Don’t worry.  I’ll be fine.”


Chapter Three:  Simons

If today was your last day

And tomorrow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

As the door closes, Steve looks around, taking stock of the situation.  The three of them were tied to sturdy, metal chairs; feet tied to the legs, waists tied to the backs with their hands tied behind them.  He and Danny also had ropes around their knees and necks, the knees to the legs and the rope around their necks attached to their hands.  If they moved around too much, the rope around their necks tightened, threatening to choke them.

“Okay, we need to find a way to get free and get you some medical care, Finn.”  He tries to loosen his ropes, but it only tightens the one around his neck.  Relaxing, he manages to loosen that again so he’s not choking.

“Not gonna get out of here that way, genius.”  Danny adds.

“No shit, Sherlock.  Gotta find some way, though.  Finn can’t go much longer without help.”  He glances over at her.  Her head is hanging in front again, but he knows she’s awake.  He can tell by her breathing, shallow and fast.  “Hey, Finn, look at me.  Come on, just like before.  Try and look at me.”  He coaxes her.

She knows he won’t let up until she does, so she slowly raises her head, turns towards him and opens her eyes.  The light causes sharp, laser-like pain to shoot from her eyes to the base of her skull, but she keeps them open.  Her sight is still blurry but she tries to focus on the blob furthest away.

“Damnit!  That’s what I thought.”  Steve says, under his breath.

“What?  What’s wrong, Steve.”

Before he can answer, Maggie speaks up.  “I have a severe concussion, possibly bleeding into my brain.  At least, I have severe swelling that could cause permanent damage if not reduced.  From the pain I’m experiencing right now, my skull is most likely fractured and I can feel the blood dripping down the side of my neck from the injury.  All these things are bad enough on their own, but put together, well, I’m pretty much fucked.”

Danny looks impressed, and then shocked.  He looks at Steve.  “You could tell all that just by looking at her?  Seriously?”

“Most likely, one of my pupils is tracking poorly, which is why I’m having such a hard time bringing anything into focus and why the light hurts so much.”

Danny looks from Steve back to Maggie and then back to Steve again.  Steve simply nods, agreeing with her assessment.  “So, what are we gonna do about it?”

“As I said,” Steve starts before Maggie can say anything else, “I need to find a way to loosen these ropes.  Once that’s done, I can take out these guys and get her help.”

“Okay, so you think you can move your chair over this way?  Maybe if we go back to back, I can loosen it enough for you to get out.”  Danny suggests.  Steve tries to move the chair, but that’s when he realizes they’re bolted to the floor.

“No go, Danny.  Bolted.  Dammit!”  He looks down.  “If he takes me next, maybe I can take him down in the other room.  Catch him off guard.”  Steve starts formulating a plan in his head.


Steve looks over at her.  “What do you mean, no?  You need medical attention and fast, Finn.  Without it you could die.”

“And if you try that stupid plan, you most certainly will.  You can’t take him out that way.  You know that, Steve.  You know who he is.  You know what he can do.  It would be signing all our death certs.  No.”

“But he wouldn’t be expecting it.  Catch him off guard and it’s done.”

“Except you will never catch him off guard.  He is not going to underestimate you.  He knows what you can do and he’s made provisions for that.  Believe me when I say, as good as you are, he’s better.”  She gasps, pain shooting through her head.  She closes her eyes and it helps ever so slightly.

“Finn….”  Steve knows she’s right.  This guy will be ready for anything Steve might try.  But he has to do something.  He can’t let her die.

“Uh, hello, someone wanna tell me what the hell is going on?  Who is this guy?  And how do YOU know what he can and cannot do, Steven?  Huh?  Anyone?”  Danny pipes up.

“He trained me.”  Maggie replies.

“Trained you for what?  When?  What the hell is going on?”

“When I was recruited for the Company.  He trained me.  Hell, he recruited me.”  She gasps again, pain shooting through with every word.

Danny looks completely confused at this point.  “I thought you worked undercover.  You know, taking down organized crime; drug lords; gun-runners; terrorists and the like.  Isn’t that what you said?”

“That’s what she did for the last 23 years with the Company.  Before that…”  Steve answers.  “Well, she was trained in certain skills used by the government and military.  Skills that are not exactly legal today.”

“No, no, no.  Don’t you DARE give me ‘it’s classified’shit.  This is our lives, MY life, we’re talking about here.  You tell me it’s classified and I will kill you myself when we get out of here!”  Danny looks from one to the other.  Steve cocks his head, knowing that he can’t tell Danny any more.  That it IS classified.

“I was originally trained in interrogation techniques which are now illegal and disavowed by the government.”  Maggie answers, quietly.  Steve looks over at her, unsure what to say.  He knows she’s not to be talking about this.  On the other hand, any details she can give them regarding this guy can only help.  “Finn, are you sure?”

“Steve, he deserves to know what Simons can do.  He deserves to know why we are here in the first place.”

“Yeah, Steven, I think I deserve to know why I am sitting here, tied to a chair, waiting to be tortured.”  Danny looks over at him.  Steve just shakes his head.

“When I was young, I got into a lot of trouble.  A LOT.  I was arrested several times for assaulting fellow classmates, but the charges never stuck, as those classmates never filed charges.  They could never prove I was the one who assaulted them and so nothing ever came of it.  Until after I graduated.”  Maggie began.  She leans her head forward on her chest as she talks, easing the pain and helping her to relax.  She continues, “Danny, many of my friends were accused of things they didn’t do.  So I took it upon myself to “convince” those making the accusations that they were wrong and to recant.  Yes, my “convincing” consisted of light torture techniques I read about in books I found in the library.  So, I always saw it as trying to get justice for those wrongly accused.  I never saw it as assaulting those people myself.  I wanted my friends to be safe and happy.  Well, my efforts were not overlooked.  About three weeks after I graduated, early I might add.  I was only 16.  Anyway, I was approached by this imposing, awe-inspiring presence of a man regarding my indiscretions, as he called them.  He said he knew what I had done and that he could help me improve on those skills and use them to help others.  I didn’t know where I was going in my life at that time.  My parents could have cared less where I wound up, so they signed any papers that were needed for me to go with him.  He took me back to Virginia and I had to take many tests and evaluations.  I guess I passed them all, cause two weeks later, I started my training.  He trained me privately, due to my age, and I learned quickly.  It helped having an eidetic memory.  Once I learned a technique, I never forgot it.  I just needed to learn how to apply it and use it to my advantage.  That was where he came in.  He was the best the government had.  Of course, they would never admit what it was he actually did, but he was the one they called when they had tough cases.  I’m not gonna go into detail about my training.  I can’t.  But I can tell you about his.  I can tell you what this man is capable of doing to a human being and keep them alive and conscious for it all.  When you know what he can do, Danny, you will understand what I can do, if I needed to.  I’m not proud of it.  That’s really why I got out of it.  I had become ashamed of what I was becoming.  I saw the man HE was and I didn’t want to be like that.  That man out there can make you feel pain you never thought possible.  He can inflict damage you can never imagine.  He can make you think anything, even if it goes against everything you believe in.  His name is Gerald Simons and he taught me everything I know about torturing a person.”  She stops for a moment, catching her breath.

Danny just stares at her, a new fear developing at just knowing her.  “I’m not so sure I want to hear anymore, now.”

“Too late, buddy.  You’ve heard more than you should already.”

Danny looks at Steve, “And you’ve known about this?  You’ve known what she is capable of?  What she’s done?  How is that she still has a badge?  How did she continue to work for the government?  HOW is she not in jail?”  He almost screams.

“Calm down, Danny.  Yes, I’ve known for a little while.  That is not who she is anymore.  Hasn’t been for a long time.”

“Okay.  Fine.  That doesn’t explain why we are here, in the predicament we are in, and why he has such a Jones for her.”

“Give me time, Danny.  I’ll get there.”  She whispers.  Steve knows she’s in too much pain to continue.

“Simons took her in as his pet project.  He had to get all kinds of special approval for her, being she was underage.  Nonetheless, he put all his efforts into training her.  Considering what she had accomplished on her own, he knew she would be special once properly trained.  He took her under his wing and taught her all his techniques and special tips.  He was all but obsessed with making her into the best interrogation specialist the government had.  It was his goal to make her better than him.  And he did.”  Steve stops for a moment, looking over at her.  Her head had dropped more and her breathing had evened out.

“I’m still here.”  She tries to lift her head, with no success.  Steve knows that if she doesn’t get medical treatment in the next couple of hours, she’ll be dead.  This was more serious than Simons thought.  Steve needs to convince him to get her help.  “Go ahead.”  She tells him.

“When she was 18, she was recruited to interrogate terrorists and war criminals all over the world.  Simons was so proud.  He was the only other one they ever called for this kind of work and here his protégé was being called not long after finishing her training.  From what Finn told me, she didn’t enjoy what she was doing.  But she felt she was doing good for her country and it was something at which she was great.  Danny, what I’m about to tell you is not to scare you, but to give you an idea of who we are dealing with.  The people Finn interrogated were terrorists.  They had killed many innocent people already and the government needed intel from them to stop more innocent blood from being spilled.  She was trained in all the typical techniques; water boarding, electro shock, burning, drug therapy, etc.  It was the special techniques that Simons had taught her that became her specialty.  Almost medieval techniques, adapted to modern times.  He taught her how to disembowel someone, while keeping them alive and conscious.  He taught her where all the nerve clusters were and to manipulate them, causing more pain than anyone can imagine, yet keeping them awake and alive.  He developed a technique using lasers to burn the eyes, bit-by-bit, right out of their sockets.  He could disassemble a body, piece by piece, losing very little blood, keeping the person awake during the entire process and getting every little last bit of information requested.  In my early days as a SEAL, I saw pictures of what this guy could do, though he was never identified.  After Finn told about where she had been and who she’d been working with, I realized who she was and what she’d done.  In the military, she earned the nickname of “The Devil’s Mistress” because she definitely sent every one she tortured to hell.  And, it was rumored, she was Simons’ mistress, too.  And we all knew him to be the devil because no human could have created some of the techniques he did.  I found out that she did not do most of what we thought she did.  HE did and let everyone believe it was her.”  Steve stops, letting it sink in.  He knew Danny was sick to his stomach, he could see it on his face.  He also knew Danny was going to demand to know how Steve could love a woman who did all these things.  He would tell him, but not until after they were out of here.

“I was enthralled by him.  He had given me something that I was good at; something that I was being praised over.  I had never had that before in my life.  It was intoxicating.  And, he was a gorgeous, well-built man who had an interest in me.  He was able to manipulate me any way he wished.  I was his mistress in every sense of the word.  He taught me new techniques constantly and worked with me to develop new ways of getting information.  I was young; I was stupid; I was gullible.  He ate it up.  He loves to be worshipped and I was perfect for the job.  I saw him as the older, wiser lover who gave me everything I ever wanted.”

Danny just stares.  He can’t believe that this woman sitting next to him; this woman that his best friend was in love with; this woman who had saved not only his life, but the life of every member of Five-0, was someone who could have done these things.  Jeez, he allowed Grace and Charlie to spend time with her…alone!  How could he have been so stupid?  He knew she had a past and he had dealt with it just as he had dealt with Steve’s past.  It was classified and he had to live with that.  He knew Steve had killed and interrogated prisoners, but nothing like this.  Had he?  God, Danny didn’t know what to think now.

“Danny, I know this is a lot to take in.  Believe me, when she first told me, I wasn’t sure how to react.  Should I keep her on the team?  Should I turn her in?  What she had done was now considered illegal and punishable.  But, she had done it on orders from our government and with our governments knowledge and blessing.  She was a young kid who didn’t know any better.  Her only role model was Simons.  I realized this was not who she is now.  Hell, who was I to judge, anyway.  I’ve done plenty of questionable things in my past all in the name of God and Country.  I was the pot and she was the kettle.  When she told me the rest, I could, with a clear conscience, keep her on the team.”  Steve sighed.  He knew there were many explanations coming after this.  To Danny, to Chin, to the entire team.  But he wouldn’t change a thing.  Finn was a vital member of the team now and had more than proven herself.

Danny sat there breathing deeply and steadily.  He wasn’t able to process all that he was being told.  Besides working with a known “war criminal”, or at least in his eyes she was one, he was at the mercy of the man who taught her everything she knows.  “We NEED to get out here.  NOW.  Who knows what that maniac is doing to Chin right now?  We have to help him.  Come on, Steve.  You’re the Navy SEAL.  You’re the crazed, maniacal ninja.  You can take this guy down, right?  Why’d we stop with that idea before?”  Danny’s voice was becoming panicked.

“Calm down, buddy.  We’ll all get out of here in one piece.  I’m working on a plan as we speak.”

“You can’t, Steve.  Please.  You know you can’t beat him.  Yeah, you’re good, but he’s better.  You know he is.”  Maggie pleads with him.  “Don’t go after him on your own.  You won’t win.  In fact, you’ll wind up dead instead of just beaten and tortured.  I’m begging you, put all those plans aside.  We’ll find another way.”

“What the hell are you talking about, woman?  Steve is the best I’ve ever seen.  Love the support you’re giving him.  Gee, my old lover shows up and I’m begging my current lover to just let him do what he wants.  Even if that means torturing him and his friends within inches of their lives.  Not loving the girlfriend at this moment, man.”  Danny rants.

“Danny, listen to me.”  Her voice is firm.  “You remember that little demonstration we had a few months after I got here?  The one where I took Steve down, even though he gave it his all?  You were all so proud of me for beating the big, bad ninja.  Remember that?  Well, who do you think taught me all those moves?  Who do you think gave me all the tools I needed to take down the big, bad Navy SEAL?  Yeah, Simons.  The last year I was working in interrogations, I got a little complacent and a suspect almost got the better of me.  At that time, Simons insisted I learn some self defense.  Of course, his idea of self-defense was teaching me any and all techniques the military and police were using.  I was more a killing machine than Steve ever was.  I could either torture you or beat the shit out of you, depending on the situation.  No one was too small or too big.  I could take em all down.  Again, I surpassed the teacher and he couldn’t have been more proud.  Not long after that, I began to notice a drop in the number of people I was working on.  I began to discreetly research into what was going on and I found out they were torturing and interrogating woman and children they “thought” were involved in terrorist plots.  They had no real proof.  I confronted Simons about it and he told me to mind my own business.  That since I refused to work on these people, someone had to.  I would not interrogate anyone unless I was shown the case against them.  I was not going to do what I did to someone who was innocent.  Especially woman and children.  So, I turned him in.  Seems he wasn’t supposed to be doing it at all.  He had been suspended from duty 6 months earlier due to unauthorized actions.  They arrested him immediately and, after a speedy trial, was sentenced to 45 years, with a chance at parole after 20.  I had previously helped on a couple of undercover ops, so transferred to another department within the Company, and started my new career as a UC.  I never saw or spoke to Simons again.  Until today.”  She takes a deep breath, shuddering as she lets it go.  Her head drops down as she flirts with unconsciousness.

“Finn, come on.  Stay awake.  Stay with us.”  Steve yells, trying to get her attention.  She slowly lifts her head, looking toward him.  She still couldn’t see straight, but she knows he’s looking at her with concern.  She manages a weak smile for him and he sits back, the rope having dug deeply into the skin on his neck.

Before she could speak again, the door opens.  The three look up, not knowing what to expect.  Simons’ two goons come in, carrying Chin between them.  He was out cold.  His face was all bloody as were his arms and hands.  They drop him on the chair, tying him back up and turn to leave.

“What the hell did you do to him?”  Danny yells out.  Simons sticks his head through the door, before the two goons could leave.

“Don’t worry, Danno, you’ll get your turn to find out.”  He smiles, wiping his hands on the towel he held.  It was covered it what appears to be Chin’s blood.  Danny looks from Chin to Maggie and finally to Steve.  His blood turns cold as he realizes he is next.

Chapter Four:  Where are they?

So do whatever it takes

Cause you can’t rewind a moment in this life

Let nothin’ stand in your way

Cause the hands of time are never on your side


Kono and Lou were out of their minds right now.  They had been searching for the four missing members of the team for hours now, with no clues or leads.  Kono had called Lou when, by ten a.m., no one else had come in.  “Lou, have you heard from anyone this morning?”  She’d asked.

“No, why?  What’s going on Kono?”  He sat up straight, Renee noticing his movement.  He waived her away.

“I don’t know, Lou, but it’s ten and no one else is here.”  She was in the office, staring at the smart table, trying to ping their phones.  “I can’t get any signals from their phones.  I tried calling and they all go directly to voicemail.  It’s as if they’ve all disappeared off the island.  I’m worried.”

“Okay.  Keep trying to find them.  I’ll be there shortly.”  He hangs up, standing and heading upstairs.

“Lou, honey, what’s going on?  You’re supposed to be off today.  We had plans, remember?”  Renee reminds him as he pulls out work clothes and changes.

“I’m sorry, hun, but there’s something wrong.  Kono can’t get hold of Steve, Danny, Chin or Maggie.  No signals from their phones and they all go straight to voicemail.  I need to go in and see what we can do.”

Renee nods.  She knows how important these people are to him, and so to her.  They took this family in during some of the toughest times they’ve ever faced.  She knows he needs to do whatever he can.  “Are you sure they’ve disappeared.  I mean, maybe they’re just off the grid for a bit.  Maybe they’re surfing or hiking or some other crazy stuff they do.”  She’s trying to help.

“Even if they were doing any of those things, Kono would still be able to ping their phones.  None of us turns off our phones at any time.  Only with advance knowledge, like a family trip or weekend getaway.  No, something’s going on.  I’m sorry, but I’ve gotta go.”  He’d fully changed while they were talking and, grabbing his gun and badge, he was out the door.

“Any luck?”  He asks, walking into HQ’s main room.  Kono was still at the smart table, staring at it.

“Nothing, Lou.  I don’t even know where to begin.”  Fear is showing on her face.  It was bad enough when one or two of their team would go off the grid, but the four of them, all at the same time.  She fears the worst.  Lou puts his hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Don’t worry, girl, we gonna find them.  Let’s get everyone working on this, okay?  You go talk to Kamekona and see if he’s heard any chatter on his end.  I’ll get Jerry to start working any surveillance that might have caught them.  I know Steve and Maggie were going to that little diner they love for breakfast and then heading in here.  Have you had anyone check there?”

Kono nodded.  “I had HPD swing by to see if they made it there.  No one saw them.  I had another car swing by Steve’s to see if they happen to still be home.  Steve’s truck was there , but Maggie’s car was gone.”

Lou smiles.  He knows how much Steve loves driving her car.  More than the Camaro.  “Well, if they went out together, you know they’re in her car.  Steve never passes up a chance to drive that vehicle.  Okay, so let’s see if we can find that car on any CCTV or cameras in the area and see if you can ping ‘em on GPS.  I’ll get Jerry to start near Steve’s place and, if he finds them, follow where they went.  You have any idea where Chin or Danny was this morning?”

She shakes her head.  “Only that they were heading in here.  I know Chin would have been on his bike.”  She pulls up pictures of each vehicle on the screen and with a flick of her hand; each one is on a different screen.  “Jerry can use these for recognition.”  She types in a few characters and looks up at Lou.  “It’s all set for him to start the search.  I’ll head over and talk to Kamekona.  You think we should call Grace?  Maybe see if Danny is with her?”

“I’ll check with Rachel, in a discreet way.  No need to panic anyone if he turns out to be okay.  You go.  I’ll get Jerry up here and then I’ll go talk to Duke and get HPD looking for the cars.  Find the cars, we should find the people, right?”

Two hours later, Kono walks back in, Kamekona right behind her.  She sees Jerry still at the table, several different videos flashing by on the screen.  Lou is outside Steve’s office talking to Josh, Maggie’s son.  “Any luck, Jerry?”  She asks, already knowing the answer.  He shakes his head, not even looking up.  Lou looks over to her, eyes questioning her.  She shakes her head, leaning up against the table.

“Okay, this is ridiculous!  How can four people, four well-known, very visible people, just disappear on an island?  I mean, completely disappear.”  His frustration’s showing.  “There’s gotta be some evidence of what happened to them!”  He stomps over to the table.  “Jerry, there’s gotta be something.”

Jerry looks up at him, over at Kono and then to Josh.  “I’m sorry, but I can follow Maggie’s car to the intersection near the diner and then it’s just…gone.  Look, here it is on one camera.  I go to the next one that should pick them up around the corner and the car never appears.  I see it turning and then…poof.  Gone.  Like it was transported away.  You don’t think aliens got ‘em, do you?”  He looks serious.

“No, Jerry, I don’t.”  Lou states.  He knows Jerry can be helpful in cases like this, but sometimes he just wants to send him to be abducted by aliens.  “Kamekona, you hear anything?  Any rumors on the streets?”  Kamekona just shakes his head, worry plastered on his face.  Lou looks over at Josh, knowing he understands how hard they trying to find his mother, but also knowing that he can’t help but worry as only a son can.  “Don’t worry, son.  We’re gonna find her.  We’re gonna find all of them.  And, dammit, they’re all gonna be fine!”

Chapter Five:  Danny’s Dilemma

If I should fall-

Or you don’t make it back-

Together we’ll rise

Together we’ll stand

Danny stares at Chin, not knowing what to think or do.  He can’t go over and see if he’s okay, though he can see the man’s chest rising and falling meaning he’s alive.  Any more than that, he can’t tell.  He looks around at Steve and Maggie and knows they are in trouble.  Maggie can barely stay conscious, though she is fighting every step of the way.  Steve has worry and fear showing all over his face and that has Danny overly concerned.  He’s never seen the SEAL show this kind of fear before.  And, god knows, he’s had plenty of times he should have been scared to death.  Danny knows that most of that fear is for Maggie; fear that she’s not going to survive this and Danny doesn’t even want to think about what that would do to his best friend.  He looks over to Chin again, wondering what that psychopath did to him.  There were cuts all over his arms and hands, some deep, other shallow.  The marks on his face were the same, with some bruises from punches and slaps.  His left eye is swollen closed now, the right having a large cut above the brow.  Danny can just see a large lump on the left side of his head with a small amount of blood seeping out.  ‘This guy likes to hit people on the head’, he thought to himself.  Chin’s shirt was covered in blood.  Danny wasn’t sure if that was from the cuts on his face and arms or if it was coming from underneath.  He wants Chin to wake up so he can ask him what was done before they come for him.  Danny didn’t fear what would be done to himself if it would keep the others from being hurt.  But he knows nothing will stop that from happening.  They’ve been in bad situations that they shouldn’t have escaped from or at least been seriously injured but this was different.  From the looks on Steve and Maggie’s faces, he knows this Simons guy has done his homework.  And considering the little bit of what Maggie can do in an interrogation he’s seen and the fact that she beat McGarrett in their little demo bout they’d had last year, this guy is scary good.  Danny had always believed that Steve could get them out of any situation as much as his daughter, Grace, believes Danny will always catch the bad guys and can do anything.  So if Steve is saying he might not be able to beat this guy and Maggie is telling him he can’t beat this guy, Danny has to believe they are all fucked.  Fucked, big time.  His imagination begins to play all kinds of tricks on him, showing him horrifying images of what this guy is going to do to him.  For all the times Danny’s been hurt, shot and stabbed, he has a very low tolerance for pain.  He always deflects it with humor to keep the pain at bay.  He is sure that’s not going to work this time.  Every time he hears a noise, he expects the door to open that those two goons to come in and take him away for his turn.  He looks up as he hears another noise, only this time his fear is realized.  The door opens, but instead of the two goons coming in, Simons walks in, grabs a loose chair, sets it down before him and Steve, completely ignoring the other two.  He straddles the chair, arms resting on the back, his chin resting on his arms.

“How’re we doing here, fellas?”  He asks conversationally.  He smiles, looking from one to the other.

“Simons, come on, Maggie is in bad shape.  If you don’t want her to die yet, you need to get her some medical attention.”  Steve tries to reason with the man.  “I know you have this all planned out and I don’t think it has her dying yet.”  Steve swallows hard at those words.  Simons looks fiercely at Steve, sizing him up.  He knows this sailor would be such a good opponent in a fight.  He would still lose, but at least he would give him a good fight.  He almost regrets having to put this man down.  After what he was able to get out of the lieutenant, his respect for the leader of the governor’s task had grown even more.  The lieutenant hadn’t even realized he was giving him the information he wanted until it was all over.  Simons now knew exactly how to handle the SEAL; how to get the information out of him that he needs.  He smiles at the thought of taking this man on.  McGarrett’s training is going to make this a special interrogation.  He’d managed to get out of the lieutenant what had happened with this ‘WoFat’ character and how he had tortured McGarrett.  He’d almost broken the Navy man but McGarrett had turned the tables and killed him.  Simons looks forward to breaking the SEAL.  He’s always wanted to take on a professionally trained military man.  It was almost the ultimate challenge.  The only one better is to take on his protégé.  He looks over at her and licks his lips.  He’s been waiting over 20 years for this day and he’s gonna make sure to savor every minute.

“When you’re right, you’re right, Commander.  I can’t have her dying on me, yet.  However, I need her incapacitated for a little while longer.  Believe me, I know exactly how hard I hit her and the damage it did.  I know how long she has before it threatens her life.  As you said, I have this all carefully planned out.  And I need to stick to that time table.  But we do have a bit of time here so I wanted to give you an update on the rest of your team.”  He grins as he they both jerk their heads up at the mention of the rest of the team.  “They have the entire island looking for the four of you.  It’s quite amusing.  I have them chasing their tails looking for any clues as to your whereabouts.  And when they do finally find the clues I’ve left, it’s going to confuse them even more.  Oh, I missed playing these kinds of games.  So much fun to watch all the chaos and panic; so much better on this smaller scale than on a global one.  I never understood all those people I interrogated who wanted to “take over” the world.  One can never get the level of chaos and panic on a global scale as you can on a smaller one.  By the time I am done here, this entire island is going to be wondering what is happening and who is going to protect them if their precious Five-0 can’t even protect their own.”  He stands, pushing the chair away from the duo.  “Your lovely partner is pulling out her hair trying to find the four of you.  She called in the captain, on his day off, to help.  They also have pretty much the rest of your little family working on this.  Let’s see, there’s the crackpot, the shrimp king, the quirky M.E., and the son.  Oh, they’ve even reached out to your former CO, Commander, along with the governor, the FBI and the CIA.  I believe that might even get your mother involved.”  He claps his hands like a little boy.  “This is so much fun watching just how far people will go for one another; for those they love and are important to them.  I think if they thought it would help, they would ask POTUS.  Oh, wait,” he puts a finger to his ear, “they’re even reaching out to those you’ve put in prison.  Here and on the mainland.  They are really reaching on this one.  I almost don’t want this to end.”  He looks at Steve.  “YOU are going to be so entertaining, when I get to you.”  He turns back to the door as it opens and his two crew come in.  They walk over Danny, undo his bonds as they did with Chin and carry him out.  Steve can see the fear register on Danny’s face as he realizes what is going to happen to him.

“Take me next, you psycho!  He knows nothing!”  Steve yells as Danny disappears out the door.  Simons looks back in the room.  “Oh, he knows more than you or he realizes.  Don’t worry.  My plan is not to kill him.  At least, not on purpose.”  And with that, he closes the door.


Simons looks at the man sitting before him.  Danny looks at him with hatred and fear in his eyes.  Simons feels a stirring in his lower body, loving the fear he sees.  What a turn on for him.  It was why he did what he did so many years ago.  He always got turned on whenever he tortured someone and got the intel he needed.  He’d gotten a rise while he was torturing the lieutenant and had had to relieve himself before going and talking to his guests.  It had felt so good.  He can’t wait until his finale today and how he is going to take care of his arousal then.

But on to the current situation.  He’d received almost all the intel he wanted on the Commander from the lieutenant.  There was little he needed from this detective regarding his boss.  However, he was sure this man could give all he needed regarding his protégé.  Again, he would get it all before the detective even realized he was giving it away.  He’d read all the reports he could get his hands on regarding the man sitting in front of him and he knew this man couldn’t take much in the way of real pain.  Oh, he could take normal pain such as GSW’s, stabbings and beatings.  He didn’t have that kind of pain planned for him, though.  He walks around the man, taking in his stature and size.  This man was stocky; muscular; sturdy.  If he was going to break this detective, he was going to have to use the weaknesses he could see and read about.

Danny was strung up like a stuck pig.  His hands tied together and hung up on a hook.  His feet were barely touching the floor and he could already feel the strain on his shoulders.  He shuddered as Simons walked around him, sizing him up.  He said nothing, though, not wanting to give the man any satisfaction.  Simons stood before him again, looking him in the eye.  Danny stared back at him, daring him to try.  Simons simply smiled and walked over to a table behind Danny, just out of his line of sight.  Danny can hear him picking up and putting down different objects.  Out of nowhere, Danny screams out in pain as it shoots down his spine, down his legs and into his feet.  He’s never felt such pain before.  It doesn’t stop, as with an injury or accident.  The pain continues, causing him to start to seize and jerk.  He wants to beg to make it stop but he cannot form any words through his screams.  He starts to see colors before his eyes, and stars.  He thinks it’s kind of funny to be seeing stars.  He thinks that’s only in cartoons but here he is seeing them before his eyes.  The never-ending pain increases and he tries to move away, but it just follows him.  He tries to move his body, to make it stop but he can’t.  He tries to form words, again, to beg it to stop, but his mind is going numb.  He can no longer think.  All he feels is pain and hears his own screams.  Then, as suddenly as it started, it stops.  He gasps in relief, hauling in deep breaths to stop his shaking and tries to slow down his heart.  Sweat is rolling down his face, his shirt is soaked as are his pants.  He shakes his head to clear it out as Simons steps in front of him.

“That was only for ten seconds.  Imagine that pain for ten minutes.  An hour.  Two hours.  Do you think you could handle that?  I am prepared to give you that much if you so wish.”  Simons smiles at him.

“What do you want?”  Danny asks, stalling for time.  Time to recover his senses.

“Just to talk.  That’s all.  Really quite simple.  I ask you some questions about your life and you answer.  Nothing top secret or classified.  I know how much you hate those words.  Simple information about your life, your work and those around you.  Everyday life.  That’s all.”  He pulls up a chair and sits down in front of Danny.  “Or, I can give you all the pain you can stand.  When you’ve reached your limit on one kind, I can easily switch to another.  I’ve got all day.”  He scrutinizes the detective.  “What’s it gonna be?”

Danny knows what his answer’s going to be before Simons ever asked the question.  He just hopes that what Steve and Maggie said wasn’t true and that he would pass out when it became too bad.

Chapter Six:  Crisis of Faith

Stealing comes with practice

Lying comes with ease

But neither one is faster

Than falling to your knees


Steve looks up as the door opens.  The two handlers come in dragging Danny between them.  Steve could see no physical marks on him, but he knew by reputation that meant nothing.  They drop Danny on the chair and tie him up again as Danny’s head bobs on his chest.  One of the guys checks Steve’s bindings and follows his partner out the door.

“Danny, can you hear me?  Come on, buddy, talk to me.”  Steve gets no response as he tries to loosen his ropes.  He looks back at Danny and wonders what Simons did to him.  “Danny, come on.  Wake up and talk to me.”  Steve insists.

“He’s not going to wake up for a while, Steve.”  She lifts her head, looking to where she can see his blurry image.

“What’s he done to him?  Is he gonna be okay?”  She can hear the concern and panic in the SEAL’s voice.

“I don’t know.  Depends on how long and what he used.  How long has he been gone?”  Her head drops for a moment before she lifts it again.

“About two hours, give or take.”  Steve looks at her, trying to gauge how much time she has left.  Catching her eyes, he can see the one pupil not tracking properly and the other is moving sluggishly.  The injury on her head has stopped bleeding but that isn’t necessarily good.  He can tell by her slurred words and the slowness with which she is speaking that she’s getting worse; that there is most likely a bleed in her brain that will kill her soon if not treated.

“Well, he most likely used metal skewers and inserted them into primary nerve bundles.  This will cause never-ending pain, which seems to last for hours, though actually only lasting seconds.  The pain is excruciating and can spread throughout ones entire body.  At times, it can feel as if your body is on fire, and then plunged into an icy bath.  The worst is the fact that you cannot get away from the pain and it does not cause you to pass out.  You will stay conscious the entire time.  After a while, your mind starts to play tricks on you, trying to get away from that pain.  It will trick you into believing you can stop the pain by moving this way and that, which just makes it worse.  You begin to hallucinate as the mind tries to make it go away.  If one makes it to that point, you can get any information out of the victim since they believe that by giving up the info, the pain will go away.  It’s one of the cruelest forms of torture I ever used.  Every time I did, I was sick and deluded myself into believing I was doing this for the good of the country.”  Tears fall from her eyes.

“Did they survive?”  Steve voice is hoarse with emotion.

“Most did, however they were never the same.  If it wasn’t psychological damage they suffered, it was physical.  Depending on which nerve bundle was pierced, there was permanent damage to that bundle and the pain was constant.  Many had to have the nerves severed, which meant losing use of limbs and sometimes bodily functions.”

Steve stares at her, not believing what he is hearing.  He had understood what she did all those years ago, but he never knew it was this severe.  What she had done, and what Simons was doing to Danny and Chin was worse than cruel and unusual.  It was brutality in its purest form.  He can’t reconcile the woman he knows and loves to the one she was back then.

“If they don’t pass out, how come Danny is out cold?”  Steve isn’t sure he wants to know the answer.

“Can you see the back of his neck?  If so, see if there is a small mark or cut.”

Steve strains to see the back of Danny’s neck.  “There’s a small blood stain near the top of his spine.  What’s that mean?  What did he do to him?”

“He pierced the top of his spine with a very small skewer, causing severe pain that will have the victim losing consciousness.  It also tends to be so severe that the victim doesn’t remember what happened to them and why they are in so much pain or having so many delusions and nightmares.  It leaves the victim clueless and at the mercy of those caring for them.  If he slid it in far enough, Steve, Danny may never wake up.”

His heart drops at those words.  No, that can’t happen.  This is so unreal.  He can’t believe this is happening.  His mind can’t process what he was just told.  Danny, never waking up again?  She had told him what Simons had most likely done to Chin and that he might be permanently maimed, losing use of one or both of his arms.  This bastard was sick.  Steve had never encountered anyone so twisted and psychotic.  He looks over at Maggie and can’t bring himself to believe she used to do this to human beings.  It didn’t matter what they had done, no one deserved this kind of treatment.  No one.  Thinking back to all that he’s been through the last 7-8 years, he had been faced with many evil people and had been tortured at the hands of several.  He never would consider using any of these types of techniques on any one.  Not WoFat, not Doherty, not even Victor Hesse, the man who killed his father.  He believed they all deserved justice, but that was a life in prison with no chance of ever getting out.  Only one of those three was actually in prison, as the other two were dead, one by Steve’s own hand, but at least Doherty was healthy and able to appreciate the fact that he was never getting out.  But to leave a person in the kind of state Maggie described was callous and unforgiving.  Now, to think that Danny, his best friend and partner, might never wake up was unimaginable.  Danny was his rock; his buoy out at sea; the heart of Five-0.  He kept everyone together.  Without him, the team would disintegrate; it would wither and die.  How will he go on without that heart?  Oh, he knows he would have to, to be there for Grace and Charlie.  He’d promised Danny long ago that if anything ever happened to him, that Steve would be there for his kids.  He would be sure that they never forget their Danno.  But it would never be the same.  And what of his relationship with Maggie?  Could he be with her knowing that she did this to others?  Could he love her, knowing that what she did all those years ago was the same thing that put Danny in this state?  His mind was spinning.  Everything that he ever knew to be true seems to be fading away.  He’s shocked out of his reverie by the sound of Maggie dry heaving again.  He looks over and this time, it’s not just dry heaving.  He can see the spray of blood coming up.  Regardless of what she’s done in the past, he knows he needs to get her help soon.  He just doesn’t know how he’s going to do that.  He doesn’t know anything anymore.  Scanning the room, he sees nothing that can help him get loose or get out of here.  He sees the other three in the room with him.  Two of them out cold from the torture inflicted on them by this madman.  The other, the woman he still loves with all his heart, barely able to hold on to consciousness and slowly bleeding to death.  For only the second time in his adult life, Steve started to believe that he, and his o’hana, was going to die.



Chapter Seven:  O’hana

If today was your last day

And tomorrow was too late

Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

Would you live each moment like your last?

Leave old pictures in the past

Donate every dime you have?

If today was your last day.


Simons watches the little scene play out.  He knows he has the Commander exactly where he wants him.  He’ll be willing to sacrifice what Simons wants to keep his o’hana safe.  Simons smiles as he cleans up.  That detective had been stronger than he expected.  He had been frustrated by the spirited detective and had finally snapped, sliding that final skewer in just far enough to cause him to lose consciousness.  He had no intention of causing any long-term damage or possibly killing him, at this time.  But the others did not have to know that and it was working better than if he’d got all the intel he wanted from the blond.  Let the Commander think his friend was never going to wake up.  Let him start to put all the blame on his girlfriend.  Simons didn’t like changing his plan, but this was so much better.  He gives them a little more time before entering the room.  He can feel the fear and hatred as he enters and he takes a deep breath.  Again, he grabs the loose chair and sits in front of the Commander.

“Are you ready?”  He smirks, seeing the real fear and hatred in his eyes.  Simons is sure he will be able to get everything he wants from this man, now.

“You need to get her some medical help right now, Simons!  She’s bleeding to death right in front of you and you can’t see it!  She’s dying!”  Steve roars at him.  Simons feels the spit on his face as Steve yells.  Slowly wiping his face off with the back of his hand, he gets up and goes over to Maggie.  Grabbing her hair and pulling her head up, he uses his other hand to lift her eyelids.  He notices the sluggishness in her eyes and becomes a little concerned.  He didn’t realize she was this bad.  No, no, this isn’t going to work at all, he thinks to himself.  Pressing his finger to his ear, he calls to one of his associates.  He tells them to bring in the med kit right away.

Steve looks over as the door opens and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees the med kit.  The man hands it to Simons, who opens it and pulls out a syringe.  Rolling up one of her sleeves, she plunges the needle in and dispenses the liquid.

“What did you give her?  How is that going to help her?  Her brain is bleeding and creating pressure inside her skull.  She needs surgery!”

“Don’t worry so, Commander.  I know what I’m doing.  She’ll be fine…for a while.  At least for as long as I need her.”  He moves back over to the chair and sits down, grinning from ear to ear.  “Right now, I need to know that you’re ready.”

“Bring it on, Simons.”  Steve hisses at him.

Simons just keeps smiling and leans forward, arms resting on the back of the chair.  “You see what I’ve done to your team.  There’s no one to help you now.  You’re on your own, Commander.”

“Just the way I like it.  No one to distract me or for me to worry about.”  Steve smiles back staring directly into Simons’ eyes.

Simons sizes the man up again.  He’s already getting all riled up, just thinking about going head to head with this SEAL.  He knows he can break him.  His best tool is sitting only a few feet away.  He’s saving that for last, though.  He has plenty of ammunition, thanks to the Commander’s other partners.  He was going to break this man, if it is the last thing he does.  This is the kind of challenge he’s been waiting for all his life.

Steve, for all his bravado, knows he’s going to die.  He will never give in to this man, no matter what he does; no matter what he threatens him with.  He’s already taken away everything that means anything to him.  Even if they all made it out of this alive, nothing will be the same.  How can it?  As much as he loves all the people here with him today, and all the ones out there on this island looking for them, it can never go back to the way it was.  How can anyone ever trust him again?  He knew he should have told them all about Maggie.  At least the other members of the team.  He should have let them make up their own minds instead him making the decision for them.  Seeing the way Danny reacted once he learned about this part of Maggie’s past, he knows Danny will never trust him again, if they make it out of this; if Danny ever wakes up again.  And what about Chin?  What is he going to do with his life if he can never use his arms again?  He will never allow himself to become a burden for others.  He would rather be dead than have others have to care for him twenty-four hours a day.  And Maggie?  How will they get past this?  Once again, her past rearing its ugly head and hurting those she loves.  The guilt will crush her this time.  The last time someone from her past showed up, she’d chased him to the mainland, willing to sacrifice herself to keep her family safe.  What will she do this time?  And how will he be able to look her in the eye, knowing what she’d done in her past?  It was too much.  Too much rolling around in his head.  He needs to push it all to the back and concentrate on the task at hand.  If it was a fight Simons was looking for, a fight he was going to get.  At least Steve knows he’ll go down fighting for his o’hana.

Simons watches as all these emotions flit across the Navy SEAL’s face.  He is going to enjoy this more than he’s enjoyed anything in his life.  This man is going to give him one hell of a fight and he looks forward to it.  He may even get bloody in this one.  He can tell this man is not going down easy.  Well, at least not until he pulls out his ace in the hole.  Then this man will crumple and fall and Simons will be able to leave with his victory and come back for another day.  Oh, there will be many days with these people.  He promises that.

“All right.  Let’s get to it, then.”  Simons calls for his associates.  Carefully, lest they get hurt, they untie Steve and drag him out of the room.  As he had with the detective, Simons hangs Steve from hooks, but two in his case, making sure they’re  high enough that his toes are barely scraping the floor.

“Let’s chat, shall we Commander?”  He pulls up a chair and makes himself comfortable.

“Let’s not and say we did, huh?”

“Now, now, Commander.  That’s no way to start a civilized conversation.  I want to talk to you.  Let you know what’s going on out in the world.  See, the remaining members of your team are still running around in circles, chasing after the false trail I left for them.  They think they have a line on me, but they are so far off it’s quite amusing.  They are looking on the opposite side of the island.  See, we aren’t more than five miles from your HQ.  Yet, they are looking about 30 miles in the other direction.  Sometimes I amaze even myself.  The best people can be so gullible.  It’s so easy to use misdirection and misinformation to lead them astray.  One of the best tools in the old toolbox.  So, I don’t think we have to worry about any kind of rescue in the near future.  I have all the time in the world to get what I want.”

“And what is that?  What do you want, Simons?  If you want us dead, why not just kills us?  Why go through all this?”

“Oh, my dear Commander, I don’t want you dead.  Confused, feeling betrayed, maybe even angry, yes.  But not dead.  At least not at this time.  Maybe someday in the future, but not now.  I have future plans that include you and your merry band, so I need to keep you all alive and kicking.”

“Then why all this?  Why hurt Danny and Chin the way you have?  Why sit here and let Maggie bleed out into her brain?  How is that going to help you in your future plans?”  Steve pushes.  He wants to see just how far he can go.

“Misdirection and misinformation.  See, I knew that Maggie would assume the worst.  She knows me so well.  I’ve been using that against all of you.  Feeding you the worst case scenarios; filling your minds with the worst possible things I can do.  I know her well, too.  Oh, there was a risk she would figure it all out, but when I saw she was hurt and that wonderful brain of hers wouldn’t be working a full capacity, I knew it would work.”

Steve looks at him, disbelief flooding his face.  No one is hurt as badly as he was led to believe?  They were going to be fine?  What the hell is this bastard up to?  Why?

“I see by the look on your face, you’re trying to figure this all out.  Well, let me tell you so you don’t have to strain your already overworked brain.  I needed intel on you and my dear Maggie.  I need to know the best way to get to the two of you.  Primarily to her, but you will get in the way, so I need to know how to neutralize you.  The good lieutenant gave me a great deal of information on you and the detective gave me all I needed to know about Maggie.”

“Neither of them would ever tell you a thing!  You’re trying to mislead me again.  Well, it’s not going to work anymore.”

“Really?  Shall we put that to the test?”


Chapter Eight:  Broken

Someday, somehow

I’m gonna make it all right but not right now

I know you’re wondering when


“How is it I know that you were tortured for hours by this WoFat, trying to get information about his father?  Hmmm?  That in the end, you fought him and finally put a bullet between his eyes?  Or that you were tricked into going into North Korea to save the fiancé of who you thought was trusted team member, only find out she betrayed you and traded you to this WoFat?  And what about the money you stole from the evidence locker to save the good lieutenant from having his head blown off?  Shall I go on?  How many times have you put your life on the line for those you love?  Huh?  How many times have they returned the gesture?  Not as many, I’m guessing.  How many times have you been willing to give up your career and your life for someone else?  Have they ever returned that favor?  I can think of at least twice where you risked everything only to have those same people walk out of your life with hardly a good-bye.  How can you keep giving of yourself like this and get nothing in return?  It makes no sense to me, Commander.  You’re a decorated Navy SEAL and highly respected leader.  Yet, no one seems to give you the respect you give to all others.  Yeah, yeah, I know all about the duty to God and country and that’s how you were trained.  But look around you, man.  You have three people sitting right in that other room who have all cracked under the pressure and gave you up.  Why would you want to protect them?”  Simons studies his face, looking for any cracks.  He sees none.  Frustrated, he realized this is going to be tougher than he originally thought.  He hadn’t gone far enough.  Switching tactics, he stands to look Steve directly in the eyes.  “I know you love her, Commander.  I know you want to save her; be her knight in shining armor.  No matter what she’s done, you still love her, don’t you?”  He studies the face again.  Still no reaction.  Did he misjudge this man?  Does he not care for those people out there?  Does he not love Maggie?  No, that’s absurd.  How could one not love her?  She is perfect.  Simons walks around Steve, contemplating his next move.  He’s going to have to be careful or this whole thing could fall apart.  THAT was just not a possibility.  “Are you willing to give your life to save those three out there?  Huh?  Is that what this is going to come to?  Am I going to have to kill you to get what I want?  I really did not want it to come to this, but you are leaving me no choice.  I will not leave here until I get what I want and if that means killing all of you, then I guess I will have to adapt.”  Once more, he studies Steve’s face, looking for any signs of weakness.  Not even threatening the lives of the others cracks this man.  Simons pulse quickens as his frustration level rises.  “Don’t you care about anyone?  Is that what I’m seeing here?  You don’t seem to care if went into that other room and shot all three of them in the head.  Knowing that they are all going to be fine, you are going to hang here and be stubborn?  I underestimated you, Commander.  You don’t have a heart.  Everything I was told by the lieutenant and detective were lies.  At least, to them.  They believe you actually care about them and would give your life for them.  I’ll tell you now, if I have to kill you, they are all dead, too.  Your death won’t save them.”  Simons was getting angry now.  This was not how this was supposed to go at all.  This damn SEAL was supposed to have given him something.  Let him know he was getting through that armor of his.  But the man just hangs there, staring out into nothingness as if he was already dead.

Steve had tuned Simons out almost right after he found out that Chin and Danny were not seriously hurt.  He knew what Simons was going to try to do and he couldn’t let him get to him.  It was the only way to save everyone.  If Steve cracked, they’d all be dead.  So he closed off his mind and his emotions, picked a spot on the wall and stared at it, allowing his mind to wander and not listen to anything Simons was saying.  If he was wrong, if this plan backfired, they were all dead.  Hell, it seems that no matter what he does, they’re all dead.  So, he decided he wasn’t going to give Simons the satisfaction of responding.  Let him do what he wants.  Then he feels a sharp pain in his side, like a freight train had just run into him.  He looks around and sees Simons with a bat.  Where had that come from?  Steve thinks, as another blow lands across his back.  He could feel one or two ribs crack with that blow.  Time after time, the blows land with amazing accuracy.  One breaking two more ribs; another fracturing his clavicle; one more breaking his nose and another bruising his kidneys.  This kind of pain he can handle.  He utters not a sound, taking every blow in silence.  Soon, he can feel that Simons is tiring as the blows lose their intensity.  Looking through the blood running down his face and into his eyes, he sees Simons glaring at him.  The anger and frustration oozing out of his pores.  Steve keeps his face passive.  He knows Simons won’t be able to handle it.

Simons glares at Steve.  How can he so emotionless?  Again, Simons had let his anger get the best of him and he’d picked up the bat and had started beating the man before he even realized it was in his hands.  After that, he couldn’t stop himself.  This man was not supposed to beat him.  This man was supposed to cave under threat of his friends dying.  All the intel he had gathered had made it clear.  This man was overprotective of his friends and family.  He would do anything to protect them.  So why, when he had threatened the Commander’s friends, the love of his life, did he do nothing?  It wasn’t right.  It wasn’t to be this way.  He should have broken him by now and had what he wanted.  Well, if this man wasn’t going to give it to him, he was going to have to take it.  The first step.  He calls in his two associates and has them take down the Commander.  He tells them to take him back into the room, tie him to the loose chair and place him near the table.  Simons grabs two towels and follows.  As he expected, the other two were now awake.  He walks over to them, placing a towel over their eyes, blindfolding them.  “Sorry fellas, you’re not gonna get to see, but you sure are going to get an earful.”  He chuckles.  Walking over to Maggie, he unties her and drags her over to the table.  “It’s your turn now, my precious.”  He bends her over the table, pushing her face into the tabletop.  “I’ve been waiting over 20 years for this.  You owe me and it’s time to collect.”  He looks over at Steve watching his face as he realizes what Simons is about to do.  He smiles, knowing THIS will finally break the SEAL.  “Make him watch,” he growls to his guards as he grabs her pants and rips them down.

When Steve realizes what Simons plans on doing, he moves into full SEAL mode.  No matter what has happened, he can’t let this happen.  He tries to twist out of the guards hands, but the pain hits him like a tidal wave.  Nausea sets in and he can’t see straight.  He feels a hand grab his hair and pull his head up, forcing him to look at Simons and Maggie.  He tries to turn away, but the hand in his hair is too strong.  He tries closing his eyes and he feels a punch in his gut, shocking his eyes open.  No matter what he does, he can’t look away and he can’t stop this from happening.

Simons tears away her underwear and grins with satisfaction.  It wasn’t the way he wanted it, but he is getting what he wants.  Ever since he first saw her again, seven days ago, he’s wanted her.  She is still as beautiful as ever and she will always be his.  ALWAYS.  He was the first to have her and he plans on being the last.  He looks over at the Commander and finally sees what he wants in his eyes:  pain, anger, fear, loathing and, finally, disgust.  He looks back at the woman on the table and decides he wants to see the emotions in her eyes, too.  He easily picks her up and flips her over, slamming her back hard on the tabletop.  He spreads her legs apart and puts his full weight on top of her.  He looks into her eyes, his nose a fraction of an inch from hers.  The shot he’d given her had helped and, though she was fully aware now, she was still weak.  It was enough for her to comprehend what was happening and he saw the fear in her eyes, too.  Seeing that arouses him more and he reaches down and unzips his pants.  He’s so ready for her.  She tries pushing him away but was too weak.  He grabs both of her hands and holds them over her head with his left while his right reaches down and helps guide him into her.  He groans loudly, reveling in the feel of her, seeing the fear and disgust in her eyes.  He starts slowly, wanting to feel every thrust.  He doesn’t want it to be over too quickly.  He wants the Commander to see every move as he helps himself to her.  She was his, after all, to do with as he pleases, and he is going to enjoy every moment.  She starts to squirm, trying to get away and that only makes him harder.  As he thrusts deeper, her moans and screams grow longer and louder.  It only helps to stimulate him more and he speeds up.  He wants her to know that she is his and always will be, no matter who follows, if anyone.  He looks over to Steve and the horror in his eyes says it all.  He finally has what he wants from the SEAL; the understanding that HE is in control and will be from now on.

Steve can’t believe what he’s seeing.  This SOB is really going to do this with all of them watching?  It makes him sick.  He keep trying to look away, but his head is held fast and every time he closes his eyes, he’s hit hard, somewhere there is already an injury.  This bastard is actually going to force him to watch him rape her.  And he can do nothing to stop it.  Try as he might, he cannot get the right kind of force he needs to get away from the guards to stop this.  He continues to try, though, regardless of the pain inflicted each time he moves.  He’ll never be able to live with himself if he stops trying.  Watching the scene in front of him, his body finally rejects it and Steve vomits all over himself and the guard standing next to him.  He receives a hard right to the jaw for his efforts and his head is pulled tighter.  He continues to heave even though there’s nothing left in his stomach as her screams become louder and longer.  He’s forced to see Simons enjoying himself as he becomes more crazed and violent.  Steve can start to see blood dripping down Maggie’s legs as Simons pushes harder.  Every once in awhile, he sees Simons slap her or punch her when she becomes to quiet.  He needs the pain and anguish to keep going.  Steve can hear Danny and Chin almost whimpering behind him.  At least they can’t see what’s going on, he thinks to himself.  I’m so sorry, Finn.  I never thought this was what he wanted.  I never thought it would come to this.  I’m sorry I can’t help you.  I’m trying but these guys know what they’re doing and I can’t get loose.  Please forgive me.  I should be able to stop this; I should have been able to prevent this.  I know you’ll never want to see me again after this but all I can say is I’m sorry. 

When it’s over and Simons is pulling up his pants, another guard comes rushing in.  “It’s the cops, boss.  They’re pulling up outside now.  We gotta go.”

“How the hell did they find us?  They should still be sniffing each other’s asses on the other side of the island.  How did they get over here?”  He zips up his pants and looks at the mess he’s left on the table.  “Well, my dear Maggie, I guess we part ways for now.  If you survive this, know that I will be back.  We are not done.  Not nearly finished, my precious.”  He leans over and kisses her.  At the touch of his lips, she twitches and turns away from him, curling up into a ball on top of the table.  Simons walks over to Steve, smiling like a Cheshire cat.  “I hope you enjoyed that, Commander.  I will be back for an encore performance, if she remains on the island.  I don’t think she’s going to want to ever see you again, now that your armor is tarnished.”  He reaches back and hits Steve with a strong backhand, knocking him to the floor.  Looking around, he finishes tucking in his shirt and follows his guards out the door.  Steve, not knocked out, but hurting, crawls over to the table and pulls himself up.  He gently puts his hand on her cheek, whispering to her that she’s going to be all right.  She doesn’t pull away, but doesn’t seem to register he’s even there.  He tells her he’ll be right back and he stumbles out to the other room.  He can now hear the sirens and has never been so glad to hear them in his life.  He finds a blanket that Simons had lying around and goes back to Maggie.  Carefully placing it over her, he then stumbles over to Danny and Chin.





Chapter Nine:  Lost and Found

So if you’re ever lost and find yourself all alone

I’d search forever just to bring you home

Here and now, this I vow.


Kono almost drops to her knees when she sees them coming out of the building.  It’s starting to get dark but she can clearly see the state they’re in.  Her eyes can’t help but focus on Chin first.  His face is covered in dried blood, as are his arms, torso and pants.  It’s the look on his face, though, from which she can’t look away.  As she looks at Danny, he, too, has the same look of despair and disgust.  She’s never seen that look on any of their faces before and she doesn’t understand it.  Running over to Chin, she carefully flings her arms around him and holds him close.  “Are you okay?”  She asks, pulling away and looking him over.

“Yeah, it looks worse than it really is.”  His eyes have a look of sadness in them she hasn’t seen since Malia died.  She turns to Danny, who is limping heavily and holding his right arm close to his chest.  He holds his hand up as a warning not to give him a hug so she just smiles at him.  He nods, indicating that he, too, looks worse than he actually is.  Looking behind them, she sees Steve coming out of the building, Maggie in his arms.  The look on his face can only be described as haunted.  It scares Kono down to her core.  She fears that they’ve finally lost a member of the team and, if so, she knows how devastating it will be to him.  She watches as Lou approaches Steve and talks to him.  Lou tries to take Maggie out of his arms, but Steve will not let her go.  Kono can see Steve is in a great amount of pain so she goes over and tries to help.

“No, I’m not letting her go.  Do you have any EMT’s on the way?  How far out are they?”  Steve demands.

“They’re on the way now.  About twenty minutes out.”  Jerry yells out from the SUV.

“That’s too long.  We can meet them on the way.  Let’s go.  Danny, if you and Chin want to wait, that’s your decision.  Otherwise, get in the truck.”  He commands.

Kono looks from her boss to Lou, shaking her head in confusion.  She watches as Steve limps over to the SUV, almost dropping Maggie.  Lou is close by to help steady him.  They all know that when Steve is like this, not to question anything he says or does.  Danny and Chin both decide to wait for the medics to arrive on the scene.  Steve nods as he waits for the back door to open.  Jerry opens it from the inside, not sure what to do.

“Get out, Jerry.”  Steve tells him.  Jerry quickly obeys and Steve moves to the door.  Gently, he places Maggie on the seat, then climbs in over her, and sits next to her.  Both Kono and Lou can see his body twitching in pain as he leans over and lifts her back up and onto his lap.  It’s now that Kono sees Maggie is conscious but not responding to anything.  She looks almost catatonic.  “Anyone gonna drive or am I gonna have to do that, too?”  Lou moves as quickly as he can to the driver’s side and gets behind the wheel.  “Close the door, Kono.”

She walks over and starts to get in but Steve shakes his head.  “Stay here.  Be sure Danny and Chin are taken care of and make sure HPD and CSU process every single inch of this place.  Okay?”  She nods and closes the door.  As soon as it closes, Lou pulls away, lights and sirens blaring.

Kono walks over to her cousin.  “What the hell happened here?  What’s wrong with Maggie?  And what happened to McGarrett?”  She looks at Chin, fear showing on her face.  “I’ve never seen him that cold before.  Chin, it’s like he’s completely shut down, lost all feeling.”  She shivers just remembering the look on his face.  Chin shakes his head, unclear on what to say.  She looks to Danny, who had come over right after she walked up.

“I’m not sure I can tell you, Kono.  The guy who took us, name of Gerald Simons, is certifiable.”

Kono pulls out her tablet and types the name in the search.  Almost immediately, information starts populating her screen and her eyes grow wide.  “This is the guy who abducted all of you?”  She turns the tablet so they could see the picture.  They both nod.  Kono looks at the screen again and has to swallow hard to keep the nausea from overwhelming her.  His record is, if nothing else, impressive.  She can see why Danny described him the way he did.  The only item missing is the information concerning Maggie.  No where does the record show his connection to her.  That is because it’s all classified.  “So what’s his connection here?  Why’d he take you four?”  Chin shrugs the best he can, but Danny just looks at the ground.  “Danny, do you know?”  She leans over, trying to catch his eye.

“Yeah, Kono, I do.  But I haven’t processed it yet, so I can’t even begin to tell you and Chin about it.  And you’re going to need to be sitting down for this one.”  Danny looks up into her eyes and she backs away, not sure just what she’s seeing in his eyes.


Steve insists that Lou just continue on to the hospital, letting the EMT’s get to Danny and Chin.  Lou, checking his rearview mirror simply nods and doesn’t slow down when the ambulance approaches them.  The look on Steve’s face scares him.  It’s a look he’s seen before, but only on battle-weary fighters.  It’s that look a soldier gets when he can no longer handle the real world and escapes into his own mind.  Nothing is there; nothing registers, no one’s home.  Steve’s eyes were vacant.  The only time his face registers anything is when he looks down at Maggie and that look frightens Lou even more.  It is fear.  Complete and total fear.  In all the time he’s known the man sitting in his backseat, he has never seen a look of fear on his face.  NEVER.  Now here it was, every time he looks at the woman in his lap.  The woman he loves; the most important person in his life.  What happened in that warehouse to give this man that look every time he looks at his love?  Lou wonders.  He’s not sure he wants to know yet.  He looks back again and catches Steve’s eyes.  Lou tries to express his thoughts through his eyes and he’s sure Steve knows what he’s trying to say but he just turns back to the window, not expressing anything.

Lou pulls up to the emergency entrance and quickly gets out of the truck.  He goes around to the other side and opens the passenger back door.  He holds out his arms to take Maggie so Steve can get out, but again, Steve refuses to let her go.  He gently slides over to the door and maneuvers his way out of the truck.  By this time, an ER team has come out with a gurney and a wheel chair.  Kono had called ahead.  She knew Steve wouldn’t stop for the ambulance.  They move over with the gurney for Maggie, but Steve still won’t let her go.

Lou puts his hand gently on Steve’s good shoulder, “Come on, man, you gotta let them take her so they can help her.”  Steve’s head drops and he nods.  Placing her gently on the gurney, he grabs the nurse’s arm.  “She has a severe concussion.  She was hit on the left side of her head with, I think, a bat.  She’s lost consciousness at least four times in the last 10 hours and I’m almost positive she’s bleeding into her brain.  Her vision’s been blurry and she’s vomited several times, though there’s been nothing coming up except the last two times when she vomited blood.  She’s been continually hit in her face over the course of the day and she was given some kind of drug that was to help with the bleeding.  No, I don’t have any idea what it was.  HPD is processing the scene and hopefully they can find the syringe.”  The nurse nods and thanks him and starts to walk away.  Steve doesn’t let go of her arm.  Lou next hears the words that chill his blood and explains Steve’s actions.  “She was also brutally raped.  She was bleeding heavily while he was raping her.  She’s lost a lot.”  The nurse’s eyes go wide, realizing at the same time as Lou, how Steve would know this.  “We’ll take good care of her.  Don’t you worry.”  She squeezes his hand as he lets go of her arm.

Lou puts his hand back on Steve’s shoulder and guides him to the wheel chair.  “Come on, buddy, you need a once over, too.  Let’s get you inside so the doctors can take a good look at you.  You’re not looking so hot.”  Steve allows himself to be manhandled into the chair and wheeled inside.  A shiver runs down Lou’s back.  This case is gonna get a whole lot uglier before we’re done.